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How to Track Emirates ID

Easy Guide on How to Track Emirates ID Status Online

Issued by ICA (Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security), Emirates ID is an important identity document for all UAE citizens. It’s required for various essential government and private services in the UAE, from applying for jobs and visas to paying government fees and renting apartments. Therefore, all citizens must carry their Emirates ID with them all the time and apply for one as soon as they become eligible for it.

However, one common question that arises after submitting the ID application is how to track Emirates ID status. If you’ve also applied for the Emirates ID and are wondering how to check whether it’s ready or not, then continue reading. This guide will show you quick ways of tracking your Emirates ID online and offline so you can easily check your ID status anytime from the comfort of your home.

How to Track Emirates ID

How to Track Emirates ID Status Online:

In order to track Emirates ID, you must know your IDN or PRAN Number. IDN is your Emirates ID card number (primarily used if you’re renewing or reapplying), while PRAN is your Emirate ID application form number (mostly used for first-time applicants).

Here are two main ways through which you can track your Emirates ID online through the official ICA Portal

Method 1:

  1. Open the ICA website on Google and navigate to the ID Card status section. You can find it on the home page or click here: to visit the section directly.

  2. Type in your IDN/PRAN number as applicable

  3. Click on the arrow button on the right and wait

  4. After a short loading, your application information will appear on the screen with the current status mentioned as issued, printed, and so on.

If it shows as the card is printed, that means your ID is ready for collection and is routed to be shipped to you (in case you asked for delivery).

Method 2:

To make the inquiry process smoother for the residents, ICA has introduced a live chatbot feature on its site called “Ask Hamad”. You can chat with this virtual assistant about our ID status queries and all other visa-related concerns. Here’s how.

  1. Go to the ICP site and click on the Ask Hamad Option present in a circle on the lower left of the home page.

  2. Choose your language; then, you’ll be asked to provide a few personal details like your name, email, and application number. After that, you can chat with him about your questions, and the bot will answer everything, just like you’re talking to a natural person.

How to Track Emirates ID Status Offline:

You can also track information on Emirates ID offline by SMS or Call the helpline as follows.

SMS Method:

Open the messaging app and type the text as follows. Write ECARD, give space, and type Application Number/Card Number. (ECARD 3739823983212). Send the text to 4488. After a few seconds, a message containing information on your ID status will be sent to you.

Call Method:

You can also call on the helpline number 600522222 or the call center number 6005 30003 and talk to an ICP representative to find information on your Emirates ID.


Generally, you can get your Emirates ID issued and collected within 10 days of application submission. However, some people may experience delays, in which case the reason would be mentioned under the application status tab when you track it using the above process.

It may happen when you apply through third agents or don’t submit your application dues on time. Foreigners who get residency status and then apply for Emirates IDs often face such issues. In this case, it’s advisable to contact the ICP helpline directly and ask them about the problem with your application. They’ll guide you and help you resolve the issue promptly.

Final Words:

Knowing how to track Emirates ID status may appear difficult initially, but it can be done easily using the ICP website, as explained above. Always ensure you apply and renew your Emirates IDs on time to enjoy hassle-free access to day-to-day facilities in the UAE. We hope this guide will be useful to you. Good Luck.


Zaynah Amatullah

Author bio: Zaynah Amatullah, a dedicated blog writer, crafts engaging content at the intersection of finance and bureaucratic updates. Specializing in banking insights and the latest on Emirates ID and visa changes, Zaynah’s succinct articles offer readers a valuable blend of financial acumen and current affairs, making complex topics accessible and relevant.

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