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Powerful Platforms: Where to Sell Your Machine for Maximum Profit

Powerful Platforms: Where to Sell Your Machine for Maximum Profit

Are you looking to put up your used industrial machines for sale and want to earn the biggest profit margins? You’re in the right place for answers. Whether you’re in the season for clearing out surplus machinery you don’t need or simply need to free up some quick cash for personal reasons, we’ve rounded up the best and most trusted marketplaces where you can sell used machinery profitably without having to jump any hoops. We’ve posed as sellers across all these different platforms we’re going to recommend, to ensure we’re bringing you advice right from an insider’s perspective. We’ve done the research so that you don’t have top, and here are the platforms that will ensure you get the best bang for your buck. 

Industbay – Enjoy guaranteed sales on every posting

Kicking off our list at the top spot is Industbay. Although a fairly new player on the market, Industbay has grown tremendously over the past couple of months. It stands today as one of the best places to sell industrial machines online as you’re guaranteed of making a top dollar on the platform. 

Here’s why we vouch for Industbay: 

  • Thousands of ready buyers. Thanks to some aggressive and intelligent marketing, Industbay has amassed a massive- and growing- buyer pool. This ensures faster turnaround time – and bigger profits- when you put up construction equipment for sale
  • Efficient machine categories: A highly helpful and user-friendly catalog system that organizes the inventory by the nature of the tools make it easier than ever for your prospects to find what you’re selling
  • High-profit margins: With little processing and transaction costs, Industbay works to ensure that most of the profit goes where it should- your pocket 

Sell smarter. Sell faster. Sell effortlessly with Industbay, which does all the heavy lifting for you to give you the environment you need to quickly liquidate machines that have outlived their purpose. 

eWorldTrade – A B2B marketplace with a worldwide reach

If you’re trying to sell hardware tools in hopes of the highest returns, your best shot at success is a marketplace with a global presence. One such platform is eWorldTrade, which connects millions of buyers to many other construction machine suppliers from around the world.  You’re guaranteed to sell off your listing before you know it. 

Standout highlights that earn eWorldTrade second place on our list are: 

  • Payment support: The platform supports the transaction process by offering secure payment methods. This is a win-win for buyers who can enjoy security while shopping online and, for you, the seller as you avoid getting duped by scammers who pose as buyers 
  • Millions of sellers: Its worldwide networks ensure you can pull off a machine sale in a matter of hours from the posting. 
  • Full control of pricing: You’ll also get to have the last say on any machine equipment you’d like to sell. Get your machine sold for the price you know it’s worth, and even include negotiation offers to further entice leads. 

The website also offers a multilingual experience in English or Chinese and even includes sign-up incentives called buyer inquiries that will turbocharge your sales process. 

IronPlanet – A platform with boundless demand 

Taking the guesswork out of traditional auctions, IronPlanet has also cemented a solid reputation as an excellent marketplace to sell any used machine. Be that a second hand wood cutting machine or even a CNC milling machine, you can get a ready market for any equipment that has outlived its usefulness. 

The company itself was founded just a year before the turn of the millennium and has gone on to bridge buyers and sellers across small-scale businesses, huge factories, and even governments.  

A few reasons why IronPlanet ranks as one of the best places to sell used machinery online include: 

  • Free marketing: Well it’s technically not free since they get a slice of the cake in terms of sales. Still, it comes as a bonus that they chip in with marketing assistance. They can help qualify leads from around the world ensuring prospects that get to your auction have the highest purchase intent. No time wasters. 
  • 2 million registered buyers: That’s not a small buyer pool by any means. IronPlanet basically assures that whatever you put up for sale, you’re likely to get someone willing to pay good money for it. 
  • Fair market valuation: IronPlanet inspects your equipment and offers a price that reflects its quality. While this can put a ceiling on your profits, it also means that you can sell much faster due to fair pricing and even avoid selling yourself short with the price.

The auction formula can be a bit intimidating but it’s worth a shot if you’re keen to sell used machinery online without hassle. 


Occupying the final slot on our list of the best places to buy and sell machinery is FactoryFinder. It’s not as popular as the other members of this compilation, but it’s every bit worth the attention and your time. 

While it is limited to giving you buyers across North America, still there are thousands of leads to work with. Being a B2B platform, it also means that you’ll be linking up with factories and companies that have massive budgets and you’re therefore likely to land a more profitable sale with your machinery

Other great features of the platform include: 

  • Email marketing on your behalf: No need to spend lots of time crafting copy to convince your buyers. FactoryFinder takes care of that through strategic email marketing that they carry out on your behalf for your benefit. 
  • 15,000 vetted buyers. The buyer pool may not seem like much. But keep in mind all of these buyers have been verified and qualified ensuring that you’re working with serious leads who are ready to pull out the checkbook if you have what they need. 
  • Diverse payment options: This allows you to get paid in the manner you prefer or rather an option that’s much more profitable for you. Payment options include cryptocurrencies, wire transfers, credit cards, and PayPal, among others 

Tips to help you sell faster and more profitably

The faster you can get equipment off your hands, the quicker you can free the finances to upgrade your infrastructure or meet other business needs. Choosing the right platforms that buy and sell industrial equipment is just half the battle. You’ll need still need to do quite a bit of heavy lifting yourself as all the top marketplaces typically have stiff competition. When you choose to sell your machine on Industbay, for example, we recommend giving great detail about machines by providing spec sheets. It also helps to give an honest assessment of the equipment’s appearance and features- don’t oversell it.

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